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8th Grade Social Studies DBQs

2001 WWII life @ Home

2002 Reform Movements 1800s to early 1900s

2003 Erie Canal Transcontinental Railroad

2004 Women’s Rights Movement

2005 Civil Rights Movement

2006 Immigration

2007 The Great Depression

2008 Workers and Reforms

2009 Technology Positive and Negative Effects

2010 Slavery

Analytical vs. Descriptive Writing

The Roaring Twenties

11th Grade U.S. History and Government Thematic Essays

June 2015 Reform Organizations

January 2015 Legislation and Impact on Society (Homestead Act, Meat Inspection Act, Federal Reserve, Wagner, Interstate Highway, Civil Rights, Title IX, NAFTA

August 2014 Technological Developments, change and impact

June 2014 Supreme Court Decisions and Impact on society.

January 2014 Expansion of U.S. Territory before and during Imperialism

August 2013 Containment and Cold War

June 2013 Eco. and Foreign Policy Actions to protect national interests

January 2013 Circumstances for passing Laws and Impact
Interstate Commerce Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Social Security, etc.

August 2012 Problems with Industrialization

June 2012 Presidential Foreign Policy Decisions

January 2012 Supreme Coourt Decisions Impact on the Nation

August 2011 Historic Events based on Geography and Effect

June 2011 Amendmennt Process and Social, political &/or Eco. change.

January 2011 Theme Diversity. (Constitutional Rights)

August 2010 Theme Presidential Actions

June 2010 Theme Technology

January 2010 Theme Diversity: Constituitional Rights: Supreme Court Cases

Aug. 2009 Theme Supreme Court Decisions

June 2009 Theme Constitutional Principles Individual Rights

Jan. 2009 Theme Movements of People: Migration

Aug. 2008 Theme Governments Role in the Economy

June 2008 Theme Change: Individuals other than Presidents

Jan. 2008 Theme Wars effects of various groups.

Aug. 2007 Contributions of Individuals to American Life

June 2007 Theme Change Industrialization

Jan. 2007 Theme Influence of Geographic Factors on Governmental Actions

Aug. 2006 Theme Migration of People

June 2006 Theme Change Turning Points

Jan. 2006 Theme Controversial Issues

Aug. 2005 Theme Cold War

June 2005 Reform Movements US

Jan. 2005 Theme Foreign Policy

Aug. 2004 Reform Movements

June 2004 Theme: Geography and United States Government Actions

Jan. 2004 Theme Constitutional Change


11th Grade U.S. History and Government DBQs

June 2015 Andrew Jackson Indian Removal, Teddy Roosevelt consumer protection, Lyndon Johnson Civil Rights

January 2015 Presidential Actions limiting freedoms during war

August 2014 Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf Wars

June 2014 1960s writers and impact of their work on society

January 2014 Wilson v. Roosevelt (policies prior, during and after war)

August 2013 Ratification of Constitution, Louisiana Purchase, expansion of Slavery

June 2013 Supreme Court Cases Circumstances and impact on society
Plessy, Dred Scott, Brown

January 2013 Events of 1950s & Effect on Society

August 2012 Government Actions Limiting Civil Liberties

June 2012 Abolishonists, Labor, or Women's Suffrage Movement

January 2012 Civil War: Eco, Political and Social Differences

August 2011 Expansion of Democracy in U.S. History

June 2011 Differences and Similarities 1920s and 30s

January 2011 The Cold War Under Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan

August 2010 Geography: Positve and Negative Effects

June 2010 Reform Movements

January 2010 Water and its influence on U.S. Development

August 2009 Washington, Lincoln and RDR

June 2009 Industrialization: Economic, social and Political Effects 1865-1917

Jan. 2009 The Warren Court's Effect on American Society

August 2008 The Automoble: Effects on US

June 2008 Presidents use of Military Power at Home

Jan. 2008 Reformers 1800s till early 1900s

Aug. 2007 Government, technology and economic growth 1800 and 1900

June 2007 Compare Womens Suffrage and Civil Rights Movements

Jan. 2007 U.S. involvement in Vietnam

Aug. 2006 Cold War affect US 1945 to 1960

June 2006 Mass Media Role in US History

Jan. 2006 Geography Influence Territorial Expansion

Aug. 2005 The Great Depression

June 2005 Isolationism pre-WWII

Jan. 2005 Progressive Movement

Aug. 2004 Westward Expansion

June 2004 Civil War Reconstruction

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