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The Articles of Confederation

Constitutional Convention and the Compromises 

The Supreme Court Under Justice Marshall (Marbury v. Madison etc.) 

Bill of Rights 

Constitutional Powers of the Congress 

Manifest Destiny PowerPoint 

Native American Removal and Farmer PowerPoint

Civil War

Civil War Technology

Civil War II

Andrew Johnson Impeachment

Pre-Civil War

Reconstruction Politics

The Reconstruction

The Reconstruction II

The Reconstruction Plans and Amendments

Industrial Workers


Age Of Big Business (1870-1900)PowerPoint Review for Test 

Ellis Island Immigration PowerPoint Review for Test 

The Progressive Movement 

The Progressive Presidents

Teddy Roosevelt  

Reforming American Society 

The Reforms in Society 

Women’s Suffrage 

Review Sheet for the test on the Progressive Era

Imperialism and Expansionism PowerPoint

American Imperialism

American Imperialism II

WWI PowerPoint

The Roaring 20s PowerPoint

Roaring 20s Cultural High and Low Points

Cultural Changes of the 1920s

Presidential Leadership of the 1920s

The New Deal, Opposition, and Culture 

Depression Era Political Cartoons and Images 

The Dust Bowl

WWII Causes and the Rise of Dictators 

WWII The Tide Turns in Europe 

WWII Turning the Tide in the Pacific 

WWII in Europe and Africa Notes 

WWII Women and Minorities 

WWII Home Front Posters

The Cold War

Eve of Destruction Music and Slide Show

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