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Samoset Homework Calendar / Plan Book / September 2015

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1. Day 1
Aim all Classes: Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies.

Go over the Honors Summer Project

Getting to Know You Bingo

How to share your Google Drive documents with me.

Google Presentation: Classroom Rules and Expectations.

Classroom Expectations, goals and rules

Class Syllabus

Class Procedures

All Classes Homework: Create a 911 Cinquain. Due Friday 9/4

All Classes Homework: Watch the YouTube Video on Reconstruction. Due Wednesday 9/2

2. Day 2
Aim Honors Classes: How do you outline for understanding and recall? The Reconstruction summer project.

Outlining a textbook chapter
Outlining to take notes.

What problems did the U.S. Face following the end of the Civil War?

Aim Regents Classes: What were the main challenges faced during Reconstruction in reunifying the nation?

Reconstruction Video Questions

Reconstruction Core Curriculum reading and essential questions.

Reconstruction Google Presentation

3. Day 3
Aim all Classes: Baseline tests for the 2015 school year.


4. Day 4
Aim all Classes: What were the differences between Lincoln's plan, Johnson's and Radical Reconstruction?

Lincoln's 10% Plan

Johnson's Plan

The Radical Reconstruction Plan of Congress



7 8. Day 5
Aim all Classes: How did Constitutional amendments and the federal legislation expand the rights and protect the citizenship of African Americans?
  • Students will examine the Reconstruction Amendments (13th, 14th and 15th amendments)
  • Students will examine the Freedmen's Bureau's purpose, successes and the extent of its success.
  • Students will examine the effects of the sharecropping system on African Americans.
  • Students will examine the reasons for the migration of African Americans to the North.
9. Day 6
Aim all Classes: How were the Federal initiatives begun during Reconstruction were challenged on many levels, leading to negative impacts on the lives of African Americans?
  • Students will explore methods used by Southern state governments to affect the lives of African Americans, including the passage of Black Codes, poll taxes, and Jim Crow laws. 
  • Students will explore the responses of some Southerners to the increased rights of African Americans, noting the development of organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and White Leagues. 
  • Students will examine the ways in which the federal government failed to follow up on its promises to freed African Americans. 
  • Students will examine the effects of the Plessy v. Ferguson ruling. 
10. Day 7
Aim all Classes: Presentation and commemoration of the events of September 11, 2001.

All Classes Report to the Little Theater

11. Day 8
14 15 16. Day 9
Aim all Classes: Presentation and commemorationfor Constitution Day

All Classes Report to the Little Theater

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8. Day 24

All Classes Field Trip to Ellis Island

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